Meet Kari

Hey friends!

I wanted to share a little about me, my family and our crazy, wildflower life.

I’m born & raised in Nebraska. I currently live the middle of the state, in between corn fields and beautiful sunsets. You can see the stars at night, yet Wal-mart is just a few minutes drive. We bought our first home this spring and are slowly but surely making it our home. house

My husband I have been married for two years this last June. He is my soul mate, hand to hold, and rock when I need him to be. Our love story has been a wild ride, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. God gave me him to put balance in my life. I’m a planner, he is not. I’m super OCD, he is not. Every day is an adventure with him.

Thank you to my talented cousin for taking the most amazing photographs of our big day. If you need a photographer in MN, look Michaela Rae Photography up!

June 15, 2015

We have two beautiful girls, who are the light of my life. Raelee just turned 5 this month & little Mia is 19 months already. Time goes way too fast.

Our whole world changed when these two beauties came into the world. We found ourselves scared, super unsure, and so excited to start our family.

Raising these two to be independent, loving, and kind is my main job. Not every day is rainbows and butterflies, but we manage to get through with laughter & tears.



I am a hair stylist, gone stay at home mom. Since having  Mia, my purpose & passion have changed so much. I went through a really hard first year with her, having depression. It’s taken me a while to find who I am and where I want to be.

I decided I want to be with my kids every day. I want to be the one to take them to school and activities. I don’t want to pay someone else to do that for me. There are days I wish I had a job, just to get out of the house & talk to adults, but most days I really enjoy my routine.

So friends, here’s to my new adventure & this new journey I’m on to find some peace, inspiration, and let my soul be filled with creativity.

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