Fashion Friday

Friends. It’s time to get real with you. If you’re looking for some high fashion, super cute, go out on the town looks from this blog- – – it’s not going to happen here.

I have come to realize over the years, after babies and getting older, that it is more important to be comfortable than anything else.

I tell you what, when I turned 30 this last January, I promised myself I would stop “trying” so hard to be in with the latest fashion trends and only buy what I will actually wear.

I’m saving so much money not buying things that aren’t me. I want to feel comfortable in my own skin and in my outfit for the day. It’s hard enough to get your body back after baby. Why try and dress yourself like someone you’re not?

So. This mama went through her closet and kept only what is worn on a regular basis for each season. Come to find out- I dig plain T-shirt’s, holy denim, crew neck sweatshirts for cool weather, & like 3 colors.


Also, just to set the record straight- – – I wear workout gear like 85% of the time. I love to be comfortable what can I say!

I do not buy color- haven’t for years- because I don’t wear it. I literally have one mustard yellow sweater for fall…I wear it maybe twice a season. Ridiculous. My mom is probably laughing while reading this, because she knows me so well. Color is not my thing. I will wear black, white & grey. That’s it. It’s pathetic, I know. But it’s what I like.


I wear very little jewelry. Pearl stud earrings (almost always), my Fitbit most days and my wedding ring. I do however like to wear my Qalo ring when I work out or am just at home. How boring am I!? I have tons of party jewelry that never gets worn. NEVER. Why keep it? That may be my next project…

I own so many pairs of shoes that I don’t wear. I stick to what I like there also. But here’s the deal. My oldest daughter will be wearing my size 6 shoe in no time. So I refuse to get rid of stuff now. It will pay off later when she has the coolest Air Jordan’s that are now vintage! Ha!

I hope this encourages you to dress for you. Keep it simple. Be comfortable. If you like to wear the latest trends, all power to ya girl! It’s just not for me. Wear what makes you happy and can make you feel confident. That’s whats important. If you want to go shop for plain tees, let me know! I’m so in!


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  1. Kari…You are doing do well…I love your blog…You are inspiring the whole country…well…our family at least…from very young to very old…(That’s me) :)…Keep up the good work…I am going to start Journaling again…Did it for years…got away from it and now I want to do it again…Thanks to you…Have fun in Des Moines…Love you..Gr Jan

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