Tuesday Treasures

This week my Tuesday Treasure is someone I’ve looked up to my entire life. He has the biggest heart, will do anything for his girls, and has worked hard his whole life.

My dad.

I remember going out to his shop to “help” him with his projects. I would ask him thousands of questions, all day long and this man would always have an answer. I remember thinking, “my dad knows everything.” He probably just gave me an answer, correct or not, to shut me up. But by golly he had an answer for every question.

My dad went right into the Navy right after high school. He would tell my sister and I about how horrible it was to live in such a small space. My sister and I had bunk beds at one point in our childhood and dad would tell us about the bunks on the ships. I could never do it. When we wouldn’t eat the meals my mom would cook for us, he would tell us  “You should have seen what I used to eat on the ship. You want to complain? You don’t even know.” Needless to say, we ate our meals.


After the Navy, my parents got married and moved to Nebraska. My dad worked at the nuclear power plant in Brownville, Nebraska for  just over 30 years. He worked crazy shifts. He worked nights for so long and then days. Back and forth for years. He used to bring us doughnuts sometimes in the morning if he had worked nights. I loved those mornings.

We lived in Nemaha when I was born. I really don’t remember much about that house, but it had a porch swing that I loved to sit in and look across the yard to where a field of dandelions lived. My dad’s shop there was really dark and dusty. He had a really old train set that I would play with.

My dad also planted a strawberry garden. I remember sitting out there eating these little strawberries in the summer. My bed room was upstairs and of course my bed time was early since I was maybe 4. But I remember my dad tucking my in at night and him always saying “I love you” and I always said “I love you too” never the other way around. But in my memory, I remember this because of the strawberry bed. They go hand in hand. Strange for you all, but that’s how it is in my head.

My parents then bought the home he still lives in and remodeled the entire thing by himself. I don’t know how he did it. He worked on that house every spare minute he got. I told you all about how incredible that house is. He really should be proud.


My dad taught me to have a heart of gold. To always treat others like you want to be treated. He taught me so much about how the world works and how to be common smart. My dad taught me how to be a handy man and be able to fix things by myself – – – No man required.

There are so many times a day I catch myself saying “my dad taught me that.” I am so blessed to have him as my dad. Maybe he wasn’t around for every event in my childhood, but he worked his tail off to support his family.

I joke all the time with my husband about my dad. Because he worked in the power plant for so long, he was respected by so many. I had cut this guy’s hair out here in Grand Island (3 1/2 hours from Brownville.) This guy had asked here I was from and when I said Auburn, he said he was working at the power plant in Brownville. So of course I asked if he had heard of my dad. When I said my dad was Terry Borgan, this guy’s eyes got big and he said “Oh yeah, I know your dad.” I remember saying “Oh gosh, is he nice to you?” The guy responded “Yeah… it’s just Terry’s way or no way.” Yep, that’s my dad. My dad doesn’t waste time.

I am who I am because I am Terry Borgan’s daughter.


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