Fashion Friday

Aww Friday, we meet again. It’s nice to see you.


I don’t normally wish the week away, but this is the first weekend we haven’t had to travel anywhere. Therefore, I’m embracing my inner lazy girl & enjoying every minute.Netflix, sweat pants & my girls. Sounds good to me!

Last night while getting ready for bed, I was using my “it’s cold in Nebraska & my skin is suffering” products and decided I needed to share.

This fashion Friday is all about the winter skincare products that I’m oh so thankful for. You guys all know I love skin care products of any kind, so if you have any suggestions, I’m all ears.

So every night I wash my face with the routine I posted a few weeks ago. My nighttime moisturizer is almost gone so I’m going to have to find something else. Maybe something a little heavier for winter. I didn’t show you all what product I use to take my face makeup off, so here it is.

This Soap & Glory cleanser is rad. It takes everything off and gives my skin a tingling feeling. It’s my all time favorite for all over face makeup. When I just use mascara for the day, I use Mary Kay’s eye makeup remover, which I will never replace. It’s the best.

So I get my pjs on and grab fuzzy socks or my kitty slippers (my husband hates them.) I put extra emollient night cream by Mary Kay all over my feet and put my slippers on. I have been doing this for weeks now, every night and I can tell they are staying soft. I love how thick this cream is. It soaks in and keeps my feet from being scratchy under the sheets.

I can tell I haven’t had enough water the last few days, because my lips are dry and peeling. So this lip scrub by Clinicalcare Skin Solutions is a must. I have used it a few times today just to get the dead skin off. This stuff works wonders and tastes great.

Last, but not least, I use Mary Kay’s satin hands scrub for my hands. If you’ve never tried satin hands before, find a consultant ASAP! You’re missing out. Winter here is so hard on my hands. Washing dishes and doing all those mom things makes my hands feel like sand paper. This stuff saves me. Get some!

After that, I use Dr. Teals lavender lotion to calm my mind. I use it all over. It’s super thick for winter but doesn’t leave my skin greasy. I love it. The scent is perfect for bed time.

I’m thankful for all these products and what they do for my skin. Let me know what your favorites are and I’ll give them a try.

Cheers to the weekend friends! Take time to have a moment of relaxation and peace.


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