Around the Table

Saturday has been so good to me. I have stayed in sweat pants all day, cleaned a little, rearranged our bedroom, read some of my book, “rested my eyes” [aka napped] and watched a Christmas movie. Yep, I said Christmas. I know, I know…

The girls played so nice all day. Mia took a snooze and Rae played Barbies. My oldest literally didn’t get dressed til around 3:45 pm. The only reason she got dressed was to go outside and play. That, my friends, is a good day.

Tonight, I made chilly. It has smelled so good for hours, so I couldn’t wait to dig in. I sat down at the table alone, because the girls were still outside. Sure enough, here they come. So I grabbed them some bowls & crackers so they could join me.


To sit around the table and eat as a family is sort of a rare thing around here. My husband works crazy hours, so he usually just eats whenever he gets home. I usually feed my kids while I’m trying to get something else done. I think it’s time to make this a priority.

I remember sitting down every night at the table with my parents and sister. If dad was working nights, it was just us three girls. But every weekend it was the four of us no matter what.

Fun fact: the kitchen table in my house is the one I grew up sitting around. This table makes my kitchen feel so homey. I have so many memories that involve this table, good food, good conversation, many tears & fights, laughter & holidays. This table is special.


It made me smile to have my girls sitting with me, eating their meal, enjoying each other’s company. That moment I was back in my childhood home, around this table, with my sister. That’s pretty cool.


I am so thankful my parents enforced the rule that we eat together, in the kitchen. We always did our homework at the kitchen table. Mom paid bills. We hung out in the kitchen, at the table.

Life is crazy and it’s only going to get more nuts, but this is important. The T.V. doesn’t need to be on all the time. My daughter doesn’t need the iPad to survive. We can enjoy conversation and each other.


I thank God for our home and for the memories we are making. I am thankful we have food on the table and this table to sit at. This antique table will bring our family so many more memories for my kiddos to remember.

Be thankful.


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