Thankful on a Monday

Happy Monday friends!

I woke up this morning and just knew it was going to be a good day. I had no anxiety, no worries, just calmness. For it being a Monday, I’d say that’s a win in itself.

Yesterday at church, Pastor Mark had talked about God always taking care of us. Always. He knows when we are worried, before we even tell him why. He knows when we need something, before we realize we need it.

That was still on my mind today when my alarm went off. I realize everything happens for a reason – bigger than my mind can grasp. God is in control.

I’m feeling extra thankful today for the journey Isaac and I are on with Advocare. God put Advocare in our life, when we needed it. He knew the struggles we were having and the struggles that would come. He knew this is exactly what we needed.


Almost three years ago, Isaac and I were six months from getting married. We were paying for the whole thing ourselves, so I was working two jobs, raising our daughter, doing my best to make it. Isaac was already working crazy hours at his job, so there wasn’t much time for him to work part time.

Isaac and I both wanted to look our best for our big day, but we’re feeling stuck. A friend had told Isaac about Advocare, so he decided to give it a try. I was honestly mad that he was spending that money. But in two days of him taking product and feeling amazing, I wanted to try it also.

We had talked to our now really good friends about what Advocare really was- the opportunity they offered. We saw that we could make income (that we really needed) with this amazing company. We jumped on board ready to go full speed ahead.

Advocare has not only made us income to pay off debt, but it has brought us some of our best friends. These people are so inspiring and motivating. When I’m around my Advocare family, I feel like I am a better person.


This company has taught me to dream big. Focus on those dreams and never look back. I have grown so much in the last three years personally, emotionally & in my faith.


I’ve learned who I want to be and to work towards that. Stick and stay. I surround myself with positive people only. I let go of all the negative in my life, because t was dragging me down.


We have been able to travel, see things we never would have before. Isaac and I are a team as parents and partners in life, but now business partners. Our marriage is stronger than before.

Look at your life.

Are you happy where you are?

Do you surround yourself with people that make you better or people that drag you down?

Because of Advocare, I know how to take care of my body for myself, my kids and the future. I know that my house doesn’t run smooth if mama isn’t healthy. I feel better now, age 30, than I did in my early 20’s. I can chase my two kids and keep up.


Find something that brings you joy, makes you better & makes your life have meaning.

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