Goood morning my beautiful people!

When I woke up this morning, before my alarm, I got this burst of excitement.

There is no school today.

Nothing major that needs to be done.

I don’t have to leave the house and venture out into the freezing cold.

That is a wonderful way to start a Friday!

I love love love that today my #fashionfriday is sweat pants! Here is the real Kari. I know, I live a glamorous life. Haha!

I live for sweat pants, dry shampoo and caffeine. Oh and a whole lot of Jesus!

Sweat pants are from Walmart. Super comfy. The long sleeve tee is from Old Navy. I actually bought this to wear while I was pregnant with my youngest. I forgot it was even in my closet. Lucky day!

I’m rockin second day hair because who actually wants to wash their hair everyday?! Not me.

I found this to be my all time favorite dry shampoo. I can get it at a few locations in town, but like to order from Ulta when they have their bogo sales.

This stuff is amazing. I can actually go 3 days without really washing my hair. They have a super awesome cleansing shampoo that goes with this line that you all should try.

Both my girls woke up with stuffy noses. I don’t have time to deal with being sick myself, so I put a little of this on today. Hopefully it helps.

I have ordered a few oils from Edens Garden and am very pleased. The prices are awesome, they ship out fast & the oils seem to be helping. [ I’ll do a post on oils here soon.]

Last night, the girls and I had a pizza party in our pjs and watched a Christmas movie. I ended up taking all my fall decor down… I do believe this weekend I’ll start putting up the Christmas decor.

My mom and her fiancé are bringing me a fabulous goodie for my kitchen tomorrow. I can’t wait to share with you the change I’m making in there. I see it in my head, so hopefully I can make t reality.

Cheers to Friday friends!

Enjoy today. Be kind to yourself and do something for YOU. You deserve it.

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