Tuesday Treasure

Good morning my lovely friends!

I woke up with excitement and yet a little bit anxious for today. Today is a day of new beginnings. Today, I start my new part time job. Eeekk!

God puts certain things, people & events in our life for a reason. I trust that this is his plan and I’m just rollin with it.

It will be good to get out of the house, talk to adults and do something different for a while.

So since I actually have to dress up- no jeans and crew neck sweatshirts aloud- I thought for my #Tuesdaytreasure I would share my super simple makeup routine.

I am not one to do fancy anything when it comes to makeup. I literally wear the same look every time I put make up on- which is like twice a week.

I’ve tried to watch tutorials about contouring and all that, but it’s just not for me. Simple. That’s my jam.

My skin in super oily, even in the winter I struggle with oil, so I use Mary Kay’s oil mattifier to control it better. Then, their primer to make foundation go on super smooth. It helps to fill in pores and fine lines. It also has sunscreen in it. Love this stuff.

My tube of B.B. cream from Maybelline is almost gone and plan to go back to my normal Mary Kay foundation. The B.B. cream was super awesome for the summer, because it’s light weight. After the B.B. cream, I put a little powder on to set everything.

Then, I use Mary Kay’s bronzing powder (in the black case) on my cheek bone, add a little blush & finish with a little highlighting powder from Sephora. There is no special way I put this on.. I just don’t want to look like I tried too hard.

I put Maybelline’s Brow Drama on my brows, a little brown eyeliner and finish with Mary Kay mascara. Anyone that knows me, knows this: I always wear mascara. Always. You know when I’m sick, because then I skip it. My eye lashes are always looking fabulous.

That being said- I’ve tried so many brands of mascara. Nothing compares to Mary Kay. Nothing. I love every single mascara they have. Any other brand makes my eye lashes clump or do weird things. So I stick with what I love.

I never wear lipstick, only gloss. And that action usually happens in the car, while I’m driving and dealing with kids. It’s a miracle when my face is all on and I look human.

There you have it. Simple. Never changes. I like what I like..

Well friends, wish me luck on my first day. Go out into the world and make a difference. Be the kind person people talk about.


  1. Good luck with your new job! Where are you going to be working? I love my simple and natural looking makeup routine also. I don’t have time to spend hours on makeup!

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