A Week of Thanksgiving

Hello my darling friends!

I have looked forward to this week for months. Knowing that Rae only has school two days this week makes me oh so happy.

I worked this last weekend, so I have some catching up to do. I’m off to a good start already this morning though. Laundry is all put away, kitchen is put back together & the liter box is clean. [Those darn cats should learn to clean that themselves.. but that’s a rant for another day.]

This week is all about being thankful & Thanking God for all you have. Yesterday Pastor Mark’s message was about being thankful, even when you don’t think you have that much or you’re going through a hard time.

It’s so true.

We may not be where we wanted to be financially this year, but I’m thankful we both have jobs & Advocare to pay our bills. We will keep pushing and working on our debt free goals.

I’m thankful we have a house to call our home. It’s warm & full of love. This is our first Thanksgiving in our home and that’s something to be thankful for.

I’m thankful for my two daughters and their health. They are the lift of my life and I’m so blessed to call them mine.

I may have a cold that can take a hike, but I’m thankful for being able to rest this week and hopefully it will go away.

My to-do list is miles long, but when a little wants to snuggle, that list can wait. I’m thankful for those moments of peace and quiet. They remind me to slow down and enjoy my kids at this age. They won’t be little forever.

I challenge you all to slow down this week. Enjoy every moment & be thankful for everything. Even the hard stuff. Those struggles make you stronger and God will show you good at the end.

Snuggle with your loved ones. Thank God for the people in your life. They were put there for a reason and you need to cherish them.

All you Nebraska friends, be thankful for beautiful weather and no snow. The sun is shining and that makes me smile.

I hope you all have a fabulous Monday!

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