Tuesday Treasure

Good morning friends!

It’s another beautiful day here in Nebraska, full of sunshine & crazy wind. It’s always so darn windy here. It’s a complete waste to do your hair here…I bought a cute stocking cap yesterday. That will be my new best friend from here on out. I give up on the hair game.

After I finished my first cup of joe this morning and had some quite time, I heard little voices upstairs. My youngest was just hanging out in her crib, jabbering about who knows what. I love mornings that she wakes up in a good mood. My oldest was full of smiles as well. That’s a great way to start the day.

My husband and our horse dog were still snuggled in bed, so all three of us girls decided to go wake daddy up. I absolutely love that our bed is where everyone goes.

Yes, I get mad in the middle of the night because that horse dog takes over, but his warmth is worth it. Raelee still ends up in our bed sometimes and I have to share my pillow, but that stage won’t last much longer and I love waking up to her sweet face. Once Mia is out of the crib, I’m sure she will be in there too, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This morning was full of giggles and cuddles. My brain stopped making a mental to-do list and just enjoyed the moment. I’m so thankful for our bedroom being the morning hangout spot.


I’ve really tried to make our bedroom cozy and full of our love. Our bed, dresser and one night stand were my parents bedroom set. It’s over 30 years old. You all know I love old things. Someday, when we decide to get a different bed frame, it will be a sad day.

This set has been painted and moved too many times to count. I love every single ding and scratch that have been added over the years. It has a character and a story.


My husband’s night stand makes me smile. I had gotten us each a prayer book to read every day for the other person. (I’ll do a book review once we are done.) I know he probably doesn’t read it daily, but it must get used some, because it’s open.. wishful thinking? Who knows!

Raelee made her dad that sign that says “I love you daddy.” She was so proud to write a sentence. Isaac was pretty proud as well. It’s been taped up on the wall ever since.


My night stand is simple. It’s an old table that my mom always had in the house I grew up in. It holds my bible and a few other books about love and relationships. That photo is one of my favorite wedding photos. It was taken shortly after we had seen each other for the first time and we were still all giddy and nervous.

IMG_0582                        IMG_0581

I had fake flowers for our wedding so that I could keep my bouquet forever. My mom and I made it exactly how I had pictured it. The blue box is full of wedding cards and other special things from that day.

My cousin, Michaela Rae, did such an amazing job with photos. I still look at that canvas and get butterflies. I absolutely love that photo.

We’ve been in our home now for almost six months. There is still a lot of work to be done, but I am proud of how much we’ve gotten done so far. Our bedroom is peaceful and full of so much love. I’m so thankful for all the memories we are making and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

I hope you all have a great day full of being thankful and kind.


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