Good afternoon friends!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving with your loved ones. We spent yesterday with my husband’s family, enjoying good food and conversation. The weather has been unreal here in Nebraska. Super nice, so the kids have been enjoying some time outside.

Today’s #fashionfriday is super simple and comfortable. My jeans are one of my favorite pairs from American Eagle. The Henley thermal I randomly picked up at Walmart the other day. My moccasins are from Minnetonka Moccasin Company. They are one of my favorite pairs of shoes for fall. So comfortable and go with anything. They are having great sales right now, so hurry on over!


Today, I drove to my sister’s house, which is about two hours away. Both my kiddos did awesome in the car this time, thank goodness. Usually one of them is screaming by the time we get an hour down the road, so today was a blessing.

Tomorrow, dad is coming to have Thanksgiving with us and hang out with his grand kids. My sister and I took all four of our kiddos to Target to get last minute groceries for tomorrow. Holy smokes. What a task. The older our kids get, it gets harder to take them anywhere for some reason.


Our kiddos are super close in age. Mine are 5 and 20 months and hers are 6 and 19 months. It’s like having two sets of twins. God bless those of you that have twins. It’s an adventure no matter what we are doing.

Even with the chaos of chasing four kiddos at all times, I really love visiting my sister. We don’t get to see each other all that much, because well, life. So I cherish our time together. We always eat too much, laugh til we cry and usually spend too much money at Target. It’s always a good time.


I also wanted to share with you all about my newest regimen for anxiety. I have taken Clear Mood from Advocare  before, but had ran out and never ordered. So, last week, I decided it was time to order more and keep it as part of my every day. I’ve been taking it for about four days now and can already tell a difference. I highly recommend trying it. If you have questions about it, I’m an independent distributor so I can help you out.

I still continue to use my essential oils everyday as well. I have faith that this regimen will do wonders along with prayer. This mom needs all the help I can get!

Have a blessed weekend friends!


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