Tis the Season

Goooood morning friends!

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, I’m ready to tackle Christmas. I have most of the shopping done, thanks to online shopping and great deals. It feels good to be almost done! Sorry in advance to my husband for all the packages that will be arriving. The good news is, none of it is for me.. or you.. It’s all for the kiddos!

Christmas movies have been playing on repeat and the holiday coffee creamers are in the fridge. Our elf on the shelf came, which I honestly didn’t think would happen due to a sassy five year old. Turns out, mom loves everything Christmas and can’t even act like the Grinch.

… That’s a lie. I threaten her almost daily that Santa isn’t coming. I guess we will see how the next few weeks go.

I had ordered the girls matching holiday pj’s from Carters and they arrived today. I could’t wait to see them on. I wish they had my size. This is the best I could get of the two girls together..




I know, I know, they are pretty darn cute.


I couldn’t wait to decorate the house this year. This is the first Christmas in our home and I’m so excited to make memories and start new traditions.

When I was at Target last weekend with my sister, I picked up some new mugs. Somehow in the move, I ended up giving all my Christmas mugs to Goodwill. I thought I could go without, but then I saw these. I found them in the dollar spot.

 IMG_0633 (1)

I was also able to finally see the new Hearth & Hand with Magnolia line at Target. I wanted it all, but only got these hand towels. That whole line is so darn cute. Gifts need to be bought, so this is it for now.


The door in my kitchen needed something, but I wasn’t sure I wanted a wreath. I got a little creative and this is what happened. I love this bag. I found it at Hobby Lobby for $3.99. I can use it with other greenery for spring and summer or just use it as a bag. Worth the money darling husband of mine.

IMG_0638 (1)

I found this greenery down in our basement and decided it needed a home. The star lights were actually in the girl’s room, but they never use them. I got them at Walmart for less than $10. Now they are being used and it looks adorable.


My entry way is always changing. I drive myself crazy with how much I move stuff around, but it makes me happy. Today, I had a Spark and Clear Mood at 3:00 p.m. before picking Rae up from school and it ended up being a good idea. I was in a great mood and rearranged our living room, again.

Under the bench, I put a basket for the girl’s hats and gloves. It’s probably going to be moved into a closet in a few days, because they will string them all over, but whatever. The gold tote is another purchase from my Target adventure last weekend. It was also in the dollar spot for $7. I needed something big enough to throw snacks in for the days I work. Plus, hello, under $10!

Cheers to another beautiful day to be alive. I hope my Christmas cheer inspires you to enjoy the season and all your loved ones.

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