Have Faith, Even on Monday

Good morning friends!

Hope you all had a good weekend. The weather here in Nebraska has been crazy good for December. The kids still being able to play outside is a total blessing.

This weekend, our family got a curve ball thrown at us. Something we didn’t expect at all. Something that has tested our faith, my faith.


Looking back on the whole year, we have had a few curve balls thrown our direction. Yet, every time, God has come through and good has come from the situations. He answers our prayers in ways we don’t always agree on or we don’t understand how this could help us in the end.

I do know this though:

He knows everything that is going to happen, before we do.

Our life is like a book that he has written and we are just reading. That makes me laugh a little. He put signs in our path that were leading to this point. He knew that this weekend was going to change our lives. He is probably giggling, thinking “I told you so.”

That makes me feel better. Knowing that my life is in HIS hands. Knowing that He only does what he does, because it’s for the best. He knows how much we can handle and won’t give us more than that.

I may have broken down, cried a few tears and panicked. But once I was home to my family, I knew it was going to be alright.

My tribe is strong, so full of love and compassion. We can get through anything. Together.


My husband and I are an awesome team. We hold each other up when the other is weak. We don’t always have to talk things through, just hold each other and cry together.


God put my husband in my life because he knew I needed someone stronger than me. Someone that relies on faith 100% of the time. Someone that will balance me out.

This curve that was thrown is just another obstacle we will tackle and come out on the other side so much stronger.

I thank God for our family and friends. Our families are always there to lean on and help make sense of a situation. And to those friends that know what curve ball I’m talking about, thank you for being there and helping us with whatever we need. We truly are so blessed to call you friends.

If you are going through those valleys in life, hang in there. Keep that chin raised and smile to the world. Have faith that no matter what, God is there for you. He will guide you where you need to go. Even if you don’t agree, GO!

 “The Lord is on my side; I will not fear.” Psalm 118:6


  1. You are truly an amazing person. The strength that you hold is inspiring in so many ways. I am so blessed the good lord put you both in our lives. Always remember, We got you!! We are always here. Life’s curveballs are going to happen, trust me, but by having your faith and trust in the lord you will push through it.

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