Marriage Lessons

I was at the gym this morning, listening to the Biebs, getting my burn on and I had this feeling of overwhelming love for my husband.

When I left the house, he was about to make pancakes for the very first time.

Although those didn’t turn out perfect in shape, they tasted just fine. Not a complete fail. He made me proud.

Looking back over our years together, we have grown so much as individuals and as a couple.

We have each had situations come along that have made us stronger independently and in turn, helping our marriage become stronger.

We read / are reading these books. Some of the prayers were spot on for situations, others were hard for me to say or agree with.

But overall, I enjoyed reading a prayer for my husband everyday. I’m going to look for more books that we can do together.

Marriage isn’t rainbows everyday. Just like parenting. It takes practice. It take mistakes to learn from. It takes tears and laughter.

Maybe it’s because we had Raelee before we got married that our relationship changed for the better. It helped us to work as a team more.

I think my husband and I work so well together. Yes, we may bicker a little here and there, but we don’t have full blown, yelling and screaming fights.

I have learned to let him have space before I nag him, ha!

My dear friend is getting married this weekend. I get to do her hair and help her get ready for her big day.

Prepping for her day made me think about our big day. It was perfect. Every detail. I still remember Isaac seeing me for the first time. We both had butterflies like we were just meeting.

It was exactly how I thought it would be and I hope that for my friend’s Heidi and Ben.

Let your day be full of magic and so much love. Take in all the little moments. Don’t be worried about anyone else there. Just the two of you.

I also pray that your marriage is full of magic and love. Learn to talk things through. Never yell and then leave. Always say I love you.

My heart is just full of mushy gushy stuff today. I’m going to spend today with my best friend and the love of my life. The person I will spend forever with.

Love your significant others with all you have. Be there for each other. Be a team. Laugh and cry. Make memories. Be an example for the rest of the world.


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  1. My pancakes absolutely sucked, they blew chunks ironically enough can’t say that about the cakes! They were paper thin lol thanks for eating them anyways sweetie! Practice makes perfect

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