Road trip Friday

Happy FriYAY friends!

It’s cold and cloudy here in Nebraska, but it’s Friday, so who cares.

I was up, drinking coffee & reading my devotional before the sun was even awake. It was pretty hard to get out of bed this morning due to the fact that I took cold medicine last night.

I’ve been doing laundry and trying to get the house cleaned up before I leave for a little road trip this afternoon.

I’m taking my book & stuff to polish my toes since I’ll be at a hotel by my lonesome. Maybe I’ll even workout while there. Who knows how crazy I’ll get.

Here’s my #fashionfriday mama needs to get away outfit. My all time favorite jeans, cozy sweater and new hat to hide my second day hair.

This is what I have packed for the wedding tomorrow. Super simple and comfortable. I have to drive all the way home after the wedding, so I wanted to be comfy.

It’s a miracle there is color in my wardrobe lately. This wine color gives me all the feels. I totally dig it.

Alright, I have to go parent. So clear mood, I’m comin for ya.

Have a fabulous weekend friends!!

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