Give God all the Glory

I have told you all about the valley my little tribe is going through…

I feel it in my heart to share with you all what I’ve been going through mentally.

Knowing that I am usually full of anxiety – on a daily basis – you would think that I am in straight panic mode.

You guys, it’s unreal how calm I have been.

After the initial shock of what happened, I did go through a little bit of worry. But then I prayed.

God has seriously worked a miracle.

I have never felt so calm in my life. No joke. God is truly amazing.

Everyday I wake up and thank him for another day. For our home. Our health. For my tribe and the many blessings we encounter on a daily basis.

I have prayed for our family and the situation we are going through. I have 100% faith that God knows what he’s doing.

I haven’t panicked about our finances. Not once. Pastor Mark, if you’re reading this- you were right. God gives us what we need, so not worry.

By sharing all this, I hope it helps you have faith. Our family isn’t out of this valley yet. But I have faith it will be soon.

We will continue to pray and trust God with everything we have.

Watch, God is going to make amazing things happen for my tribe & will do the same for you. Do not give up on faith.

God Bless you all!

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