Happy MonYAY!

Friends, I’m feeling so much better today. I have energy, the sun is shining & I’m done with work for the day.

It’s nap time for the littles so I can get some work done. Can I get an “Amen?!”

I’m feeling it in my heart today to tell you how amazing you are. How loved you are. How perfectly imperfect you are.

“Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so…”


No matter what you’re going through, he loves you and will guide you through.

The holidays are the hardest time of year for the bad stuff to happen. Trust me, I get it. But know that he’s putting you through it for a much bigger reason.

A friend of mine lost a family member over the weekend. Completely unexpected. I can’t imagine what it feels like.

I pray for that family that they find peace somewhere is the chaos.

It really made me think about my family.

I only have one sister. She’s two years younger than me although sometimes I think she’s older. She’s so dang smart it kills me.

We have fought like cats & dogs more times than I can count. But at the end of the day, she’s all I have and I love her.

Since having kids, we have grown so much. We help each other. Give advice. Cry & complain together. Laugh uncontrollably.

We talk daily – thank heavens for texting.

I am so proud of the woman she’s become. She’s super mom, house wife, nurse and friend. She has the biggest heart and would walk through fire for anyone.

I get to see her in a few weeks to celebrate Christmas. I can’t wait to wear sweatpants, eat too much, laugh til we cry and take naps together. Gah. I just love going to visit my little sissy.

Today, hug your loved ones. Say I love you.

And remember, Jesus loves you and you’re not alone in the valleys or the mountains.

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