Awake before anyone else. Drinking coffee. So excited for the day.

It’s Christmas Eve and it finally snowed last night! I can’t remember the last time we had a white Christmas. At least where the snow amounts to anything and everything looks magical.

You would think that living in Nebraska it would be snowy every Christmas. Wrong. The snow always waits til January and doesn’t end til June.

Looking outside at the magical sight of sparkly snow just makes me soul happy. God has done some pretty incredible things in the last year for my family. The snow was a reminder of that.


I was just telling my husband a few nights ago that I think I finally know what it feels like to truly be happy.

It may have taken some pretty deep valleys this year to find it, but I do believe that what I’m feeling is happiness. Pure happiness.

I struggle with anxiety. Daily. But I have to tell you all, for the last month, or since the latest valley, I have not struggled once. Not even for a moment.

I see everything with different eyes. I know that my faith is so deep down and strong that there is nothing to worry about. He will get us through.

It’s an amazing thing to feel so at peace. I’ve never felt this before. Maybe it’s just me growing older and wiser or maybe it is because my faith has grown gigantic amounts in the last year.

Merry Christmas friends. I hope today is full of magic and love. Hug your loved ones. Call those far away. Be thankful for the birth of Jesus tomorrow.


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