Full Heart

The sunrise this morning, with our winter wonderland, was incredible. God’s at it again with the art work.

I’m up, drinking coffee, watching the Santa Clause for the millionth time. I could seriously watch it all day, everyday.

This weekend was amazing. We spent the whole thing together. This has never happened. My husband has always had to work stupid retail hours and always has to rush through the holidays.

This year was the first of many to be relaxing for him. We went to church Christmas Eve morning. Mia ended up running around the sanctuary the whole time, but she’s cute so I guess it’s ok?

We spent Christmas Eve evening with his family. It was so enjoyable.

We hosted it at our house this year and it just made my heart so happy. To be able to open our home to be filled with so much love and laughter. Mmmm what a good feeling.

We played games and laughed til we cried, opened gifts and just enjoyed each others company.

Christmas morning came and Santa had left a good pile of goodies under the tree. Poor Mia didn’t want to wake up, so she was a peach.. but Rae was full of excitement.

We spent the whole day watching basketball, snuggled in Christmas pjs, watching the girls play with their new toys.

I feel so incredibly blessed today. So many memories were made this Christmas.

Today, I need to shower and at least change my pjs.. don’t judge me. I have nowhere to go. Actually, the gym might need a visit since I ate too many chocolate covered pretzels.

Enjoy your Monday friends!!

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