There are people that help you fail and then there are people that help you grow.

There are people that are negative, miserable in their own skin, people that will tear you down over and over.

Are those the people you want in your life?

I know I don’t.

In the last year, I have changed who I want in my life. I have pruned. Some of it was painful. But in the end, it made me stronger. It made me a better person.

I want positive influences.

I want people in my life that are going places. People that build me up. People that pick me up when I’m having an off day. People that cheer me on.

God has written my story and I’m living it page by page. I’m finding out what he really has planned for me day by day.

He put these people in my life. He brought them in when I needed something good so badly.

Because of Advocare, we all have a vision for something better. We all have dreams and goals. And together, we will reach them.

I learned a lot about myself in 2017. I learned that by having negative people around, I wasn’t growing. I was letting their negative vibes eat me alive.

Thankfully, I learned this and made those changes. I refuse to let that back in.

2018 is also going to be a year of growth, but now I know how to grow and not let it hurt so bad.

I’m stronger now than I was a year ago and can take the truth that certain people just can’t be apart of my life. That’s ok.

I want to be the best version of me. I want to be the best mom, wife and friend.

If these are things you want in life, you may need to make changes. Prune the bad fruit out of your life. It’s going to be painful. It’s going to cause hurt from both sides. But in the end, you will be stronger.

You will grow and be better.

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  1. You are amazing. I am truly blessed to have you in my life. You inspire me in so many ways to be a better person. Love seeing your growth and how you have made so many wonderful changes to be a better version of yourself. ❤️

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