Pink Hair, Don’t Care

Last year at this time I was preparing myself for the wise age of 30.

I had made a list of things I wanted to accomplish before my 20’s ended. Some of those things ended up happening in my thirtieth year.

I do remember having to have lavender hair before thirty. I did make that happen.

This year, pastel pink has been my goal. This actually was just decided last week and I won’t let it go.

Last night, after the gym, I made it happen.

Don’t mind my before photos. Gym and second day hair. No big.

For the last few months I’ve been trying to make my hair more silver, gray. It happened here and there, but never to the point of love.

Side note: I’ve been growing my natural hair color out since last Easter. I’m honestly not sure where I’m going with the goal of having my natural color, but for now, it’s whatever.

Here’s what I know: life is too short. The older & wiser I become, the more I realize to do what makes YOU happy.

Who cares what others think?!! If you’re confident and glowing, people will only admire you.

So this happened. I washed my hair, towel dried really good and put pink only on my bleached ends. I left it on for a good 20-25 min while I inhaled dinner.

It is a bit brighter than what I’m wanting, but will see what happens when I shampoo tomorrow.

I learned a lot about myself last year. I can’t say I’m confident everyday, but more so now than in my 20’s.

Turning thirty one is exciting to me, just like thirty was. I know each year will only get better.

So here’s my challenge to you:

Go out into the world and glow. Make people see you for the beauty you are. Smile and be kind. God created you to be a difference maker. Be just that.


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