Wiser, Not Older

Once upon a time, Thursday used to mean going out for drinks with friends to celebrate the almost end of the week.

I would stay out too late, drink too much and pay for it the next morning on my way to work.

Now, it means we have dance class, dinner, baths and the bed time routine. Somewhere in there, I try to find time for the gym.

I still stay up too late, drink too much water before bed and the only regret I have is having to pee at least once in the night because I HAD to get that gallon in.

It’s madness around here.

I honestly don’t feel like I’ve aged. I feel as though I’ve gotten better but not older.

Birthday month continues and I’m looking forward to the weekend with my tribe.

You all saw my pink hair- which by the way- I freaking love. I have found the perfect solution/ product to keep the pink light and pastel.

Shampoo with color in it?! Yes please. Super easy. Smells great and there are tons of colors so who knows what’s next.

I really do feel like the pink suits me though. It’s soft, yet is a statement.

I’m tellin ya, once you hit 30, you just don’t care what others think anymore.

I just picked up this bar of soap this afternoon. I’ve been needing something a bit more cleansing for after the gym to get all that nasty off my face.

I’ll keep you updated on that situation. I’m hoping it helps with these minor breakouts I’ve been getting.

Back to my younger days when I didn’t think I would age, have kids, or regret the decisions I was making.

I was lookin at photos from when I turned 21. And here’s what I was thinking:

•why did the tanning bed seem like such a good idea?! Now- I don’t mind my pasty skin and use a self tanner once in a while to give me a pick me up in the middle of winter.

•drinking too much and finding myself at McDonald’s on a regular was eventually going to catch up and by golly it did. Girl, get your booty to the gym and take care of yourself!!

•thank heavens I’ve gotten wiser. We’ve all been young and dumb. I don’t even need to explain myself.

I’m so incredibly thankful I have found the love for fitness and self care. The gym keeps me sane, keeps me active and able to chase my kids.

I’m so much happier with myself in my 30’s than I ever was in my 20’s. My confidence was based on lies in my early 20’s. Now, I know what it truly means to love myself and to show the world my glow.

I know my 30’s are going to be my best years yet and I will look forward to getting wiser and more confident in myself.

Pink hair and all!!

Happy Thursday friends.


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