Self, Slow Your Role

Today, I let me anxiety get the best of me.

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say being a mom & wife is hard work. We do a lot.

But I haven’t let myself get this worked up in a while.

I worried about money.

My to-do list has doubled in size today some how.

Both vehicles need some work done.

And, I’m mad at myself for skipping the gym all week. Til now- I’m currently on the elliptical sweating bullets.

On my way out the door to come to the gym, I noticed the clear sky. I could see so many stars. And then I knew, He’s with me.

As a mom, wife & boss I take on a lot. I put it in my head that things need done (my way of course) and now.

Kari! Slow down!

You’re going to miss God telling you his plan. You’re going to miss your kiddos doing something, being creative, because you’re all worked up.

Don’t sweat the small stuff and just live life.

The house may be a disaster, but you’re kids are getting along.

Your to-do list will be there tomorrow.

And you’re at the dang gym. Chill out.

I, we, need to not be so hard on ourselves and enjoy the one life we get.

No matter what you’re worried about, God’s got your back. Breathe and take on the day.



  1. Yes Ma’am! It will all work out don’t sweat the Small things! Your a great person and I love your blogs! Keep your inspiration up!! Love Ya

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