Be You

I realize we get better with age, but when you’re young and so unsure of yourself, it’s hard to picture anything else.

I used to be the girl that cared what others thought. People’s opinions seemed to matter so much.

When I looked in a mirror, I hated what I saw. Confidence wasn’t even in my vocabulary.

It took me a long time- I’m talking years- to figure out who I was and who I wanted to be.

I know so many girls that still struggle in this department and I just want to give hope to you.

An old friend of mine sent me this quote the other day and it’s really stuck with me.

It really does take some serious soul searching, goal setting and prayers to get where you want to be.

This might mean deleting people from your life. It may mean getting uncomfortable for a while.

Getting out and meeting new people is hard, but you need positive influences not negative. This makes a big difference.

Tell yourself you’re worthy of goodness in your life. You are so worthy.

You’re beautiful. Inside & out. You may not think so yet, but some day, you will see it.

You’ll love your flaws for what they are and who the make you.

You deserve to feel free and dream big. Find that inner hippie and let her breathe. Let her dance. Your soul will thank you.

To all my lady friends who struggle with confidence, I challenge you to set goals for yourself. Reach out to positive people, even if you only see them from afar and don’t know them yet.

Show that smile and glow. Your confidence will come through. You just have to peel the negative layers off.

Peace, love& happiness my friends.

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