Winter Time Blues

Saturday evening. Snuggled in with my mini’s. Watching Strawberry Shortcake. Not too shabby.

Someone decided to shake the snow globe again. Whoever that may be, please stop. I’m so over winter.

At least the sun was out today. I’m serious, February is hard for me. The sun needs to shine or I’m in a funk.

My mom and step dad came to visit today. We planted a few house plants to bring some life to our home. It’s the little things that make my soul happy.

Since I had to go out and scoop snow this morning, in the buuurrr cold, my skin needed some love. So I decided I would share a few things I’ve been using this winter.


I’ve used this in the past and really liked how easy it took off my makeup. It made my skin feel clean and soft with such little effort. So I broke it back out tonight.

Somtimes I feel like my oily skin needs something less stripping of natural oils. I don’t always want to wash my face with hot water, which usually makes it feel super dry after.

I picked this up at Walmart for a super reasonable price. There are a few different options. I also saw they have a foaming cleanser now. Is on my list to pick up and try.



This oil is super rad. I’ve been using this for about three weeks and my skin is loving it. It’s changed the texture of my skin and I feel like I have a glow at all times.

I mix a few drops with a light moisturizer morning and night, making sure to get my neck as well. My skin seems to heal faster if I do have a blemish pop up.

I randomly picked this up at Walgreens, but I found it online for you all at ULTA.

I’ll just be over here aging backwards and keep everyone guessing.


I have loved everything about this eye cream so much, I’ve bought it again. It smells awesome and leaves the skin around eyes soft and not oily.

This eye cream is part of my night time routine. Who doesn’t love products that are cruelty free and made out of stuff from the earth?!

I usually watch for sales on but Walmart is in my town, so then I don’t have to wait or pay shipping.

It really is the little things that can help make the winter time blues not so bad.

Spring is just around the corner… or at least I hope so. This girl needs fresh air and sunshine.


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