Love Yourself

I should be in my warm bed, but my brain won’t stop. [It could be my later than normal spark drinking that is keeping me awake.]

Either way, I have something weighing on my heart that I just need to share.

Tonight was spent sharing my love of Advocare with a group of girls. A few of the girls I have known for a while, but something they each said pulled my heart strings.

They each had shared that they were bullied in their younger days and current situations. These girls are such beautiful souls and have such kind hearts.

On the drive home, the conversation turned to judging ourselves and comparing to others. That just screams “bullying” to me.


Why to we, as women, bully ourselves so much? Why do we compare our bodies to those around us or on social media?

I am guilty of this myself. I’ve been working my tail off, lifting, eating right, doing stupid cardio [who actually likes cardio?!] I’ve been ignoring the scale and really just watching my body change.

But today, I looked in the mirror and said “ew.” Serious. Every time I saw a mirror today I just hated what I saw. I then proceeded to get on social media and make myself feel worse.

Um hello, why!?

This world is a mean and scary place. As women, we should be lifting each other up. Making each other feel good. And make yourself feel good as well.

God made you to be YOU. Love yourself. Love your body. Love love love it all.

I decided tonight that I need to put up little notes to myself on all the mirrors.

“You’re pretty.”

“Look at those muscles. You’re so strong.”

“You are full of greatness. Be great today.”

Know that you are worthy. You’re a strong willed woman that can make a difference. You are beautiful inside & out.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Be kind to yourself & others.


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