Mom/Daughter time

Aww, Monday. We meet again.

The good news is, the sun is out and it’s above 50 degrees. The wind is out of control, but we can’t have it all living in Nebraska.

It was so much easier to get out of bed knowing that the sun was coming up. That sunshine changes everything.

I worked over the weekend, but even that was better with the warmer weather.


Raelee and I needed some mother daughter time really bad. So we had a spa night on Saturday.


It was so nice to have a conversation with her and not have any interruptions [aka her sister]…


We had soft skin, fresh faces and polished toes by the end of our hour session. She’s pretty cool to hang with.

It’s hard to find time for just Rae and I. Little sis always ways to join us. It’s just so important to me that we have that time alone so that Rae knows how special she is.

[I got all our spa gear at CosmoProf- for professionals only- but you could use whatever you can get your hands on. The CND spa line I got smells sp incredible though. Ask your hairstylist to grab it for ya. Totally worth it. Even my husband said I smelled good. He never notices that stuff.]

I’m so far from being good at this parenting thing, but I try. I want to make things fun and memorable. I want my girls to look back and have positive thoughts about their childhood.

I find myself praying for calmness and the strength to get through the day like everyday, but whatever it takes!

It’s not an easy gig- being a mom. God made me a mom, twice, for a reason so I better take the challenge and make the best of it.

Have a fabulous Monday friends!!


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