The Volk

I woke up on this fine Monday morning to snow flakes. What?! Not cool. However, a few hours later, the snow is gone and the sun is out. Nebraska is an odd place..

The weekend was so full of goodness. Sunshine, playing outside, cleaning the house, Church, gym and lots of family time. I didn’t want the weekend to end.

My husband and I are getting ready to fly to Texas on Wednesday for an elite Advocare training & much needed mini vacation just the two of us. But of course, there is a mile long to-do list that needs accomplished before we can go.

I’m currently looking at that list with disgust while I sit on my couch soaking in the sun. It will get done, just not right this second.


I have something more fun to tell you about. The Volk. This magazine is created and published in one of my favorite places: Minnesota. My cousin works for this magazine, so I got my hands on a copy.


You guys, this magazine is beautiful. I literally didn’t want to open it because that would mean touching it.

But I had to! And when I started flipping through the pages, I couldn’t stop. There’s so much amazing content in these pages.


I don’t want to give it alllll away so I will tell you about one of the articles that caught my eye.

Haute Hair. Um hello, right up my alley. As a hair stylist, I was super excited to see what the new spring hair fashion is for the year.

Good news for all my curly/wavy haired friends [myself included] – let those waves and curls be free!

My hippie soul loves when warm weather rolls around and I can let my hair just do it’s thing. Embrace your natural texture and let your hair express itself.

I have actually been trying a few new products to help with this.


AG- Sea Spray [ask your hairstylist]

Sexy Hair- Fresh Hair & Surfrider

Paul Mitchell- Neon Sugar Twist

DevaCurl- Supercream & Light Defining Gel 

Friends, this magazine offers something for everyone. Self-care, fashion, yummy food places and so much more. Get your hands on a copy. Follow them on Instagram. [@thevolkmagazine]

I suppose I should get on with my to-do list. But first, I’m going to flip through these beautiful pages one more time.



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