It’s a Crazy Life

I’m pretty positive that though we lost an hour of sleep on a Sunday, we somehow gained extra days in the week. The week took forever!

But it’s Friday, so praise Jesus!

I have struggled all week with mom life and the things we have to do every darn day around the house.

You know what I’m talking about. Picking up after everyone, all day. Cleaning just to find a mess ten minutes later. Laundry that ends up staying in the dryer for two days and then has to be fluffed again. Feeding kids [and myself] a thousand times a day. Driving kids to and from school. It’s madness everyday.


On a positive note, I have actually washed my hair more than once this week, but haven’t managed to actually fix my hair but once. That mom bun has been in full force this week.

This phase of life is seriously so crazy.

I cant remember the last time my husband and I had a date night or dinner at the same time for that matter.

Our bed has been taken over by kids and dogs. One of us usually sleeps elsewhere.

Dirty diapers, sippy cups and toys galore. Someone always needs something.

Going to the grocery store is a workout and never a quick trip.

As much as all this stuff drives me crazy most days, I know some day I’ll miss this.


Husband, someday I will do my hair and put real clothes on daily. Someday we will eat dinner in peace. Someday our house will be quiet and we can watch whatever we want.

Someday, our kids won’t need us. They won’t want to hold our hands. Play tea party. We will want to watch kid movies and they won’t. Someday they will sleep in their own beds and not need a night light.

Someday we will miss this phase.

Thankfully, God reminds me to slow down and enjoy the madness. Yes, I get flustered and need a good cry some days. But I know my kids will only get older and way too fast.

With all this being said, husband, maybe it’s time for another squishy baby?! Ha!! [maybe I’m just too tired to really think that through…]

Enjoy the phase you’re in. It won’t last forever.. time really does fly when you’re having fun.



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