Not all Sunshine & Rainbows

You know those days that you wake up, so ready to take on the day and then bam! NOTHING goes the way it normally does?! That was my day.

From the get go.

I normally wake up and get at least one cup of coffee in before my kids are up or before my nephew arrives for the day. Not today. Not even close. I’m not sure why they were up so early, but it threw everything off.

I had to take our crazy male cat to the vet in the next town over this morning to be declawed [praise the Lord]. Getting three kids all loaded up and the cat in it’s pet taxi box thing that he hates oh so much, was a task in itself.

I did however get to drink that second cup of [COLD] coffee on the way.

For some reason the sun decided to say hello and then goodbye super fast this morning. Oh and then reappeared at 4:30 this afternoon. NOT COOL. Messed with my emotions big time.

After running the cat to the vet, I finally had some breakfast and was able to read my devotional for the day. I am such a creature of habit and if things aren’t done the same every day, I am lost.

From there, the day was looking up. I had my spark and completely went nuts cleaning. Scrubbed the bathroom, all the floors, the kitchen, the whole shabang.

Then. My husband called and told me some not so great news that I will not be going into because it’s a mess. Needless to say, a lot of money was spent and a lot of tears were shed out of anger. I did wait to lose my cool til after Rae was dropped off at school and the other two were sleeping. God bless this nut case of a mom.

You all will find the next part of my day to be hysterical probably, but it wasn’t at the time.


I had ordered a new faucet for our kitchen. A good friend had said he would help me instal it. Friends, this turned into a complete nightmare. Three trips to Menards, too many hours wasted, and a trip to the UPS store to RETURN the originally purchased faucet, I have a new faucet. It wasn’t supposed to be this complicated or expensive.

I haven’t had near enough calories today so I’m seriously considering eating this frozen pizza and making more cinnamon rolls for dessert. I did go to the gym to burn off some steam and that did help a little.

After crying more than once and talking to God a lot today, I realize that not every day can be super great and full of rainbows. Duh, right? But you know how you can go so many days and everything just seems to be going right and then there’s one bad day thrown in the mix? It feels like the end of the world.

It’s not. Not even close.

Sometimes, we need a challenge. The big guy wants to know that we will be thankful even in hard times. He wants us to stop and appreciate what we have.

So, as I stuff pizza into my face [its well deserved today].. I am thankful for these things:

-Eric Wright, you saved the day by helping me. Thank you.

-My tribe is healthy, happy and so full of love.

-My husband works hard every day to support his family.

-Today was a gift, even if it didn’t go like planned. My plans aren’t always how God wants them. I am thankful for another day.

Tomorrow is a new day. I will make the best of whatever tomorrow hands me.




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