If I Can, YOU Can

Every January, we find ourselves making new goals, some of which we already know we will fail at, but by golly, they are on the list anyways.

I have always been one to set goals and tell myself that this year will be different. I will do what I say. HA! That’s not even close to reality. Over time, the drive just fades away.

So when 2018 rolled around, I knew this was my year to shine. I knew I was turning 31 and that I really needed to focus on me for a little bit to be a better wife, mom and coach to my team.

Advocare introduced the One80 and I knew this was exactly what I needed. Of course I’ve been a product user for over three years and have loved them since day one. But this was going to be different. This was already planned out for me. I didn’t have to think about what products I needed, when to take what, or how to eat. It’s so simple.

You guys, I am seriously so proud of myself.


I finished the eighty days!

When we started this, I knew what my goal was for the appearance of my body, but I wasn’t aware of the changes that would be made internally.

I knew that I wanted to look stronger and see my muscles. I wasn’t worried about the number on the scale [the first few weeks that’s all I cared about and then realized it is just a number that doesn’t matter]. If that number is all you care about, you’re going to drive yourself nuts. After two kids, I know my body has changed- FOR THE BETTER!

I’m proud to say that I hate missing a day at the gym or being active. It soothes my soul to sweat and make my body stronger. Before kids, I wanted nothing to do with working out. Now, it’s part of my lifestyle. I want to age gracefully and be strong while I do so.

Mentally, the last eighty days have changed me. I feel like I can take on any challenge that is handed to me. Because I focused on me, my mind, soul and faith, I feel as though I’m not struggling with anxiety as often. I think I will always struggle in the mental department, but I think I’m getting stronger every day.

The last three months, we have traveled to Des Moines once and Texas twice. All for Advocare. We ate out, but made smart choices. We even celebrated three birthdays in those three months which means cake. And YES, I ate it! I just worked out extra hard to burn it off.

This One80 is a lifestyle. Not a diet. It’s all about taking care of your body. Inside and out. Eating when you’re hungry. Drinking enough water. Focusing on you for once. Not your kids, husband, household or job.

During this challenge, I ended up gaining muscle and not loosing weight. I actually gained a pound. I can tell my clothes fit different and that my muscles are definitely there. I worked really hard to be able to see those guns!

This is not the end though. After the eighty days, you find what’s best for you, your routine and your goals. I will continue to keep taking the products I love and working out to keep building.

If you are in need of a community of people to be your cheerleaders, guide you along and help you reach goals you never thought you could reach- WE ARE YOUR PEOPLE. If I can help you feel as amazing and accomplished as I feel, then we both win. Everyone should have the opportunity to better their life.


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