Spring Cleaning

Ahhhh, Friday. We meet again.

I have looked forward to today since Spring Break. I absolutely love the days Rae doesn’t have school.

We don’t have to leave the house if we don’t want to. It’s the best! [I do have a few things to get done, but no time schedule, thank heavens.]

The sun is even shining this morning. Double win! That’s two days in a row of sunshine. Spring might actually be here.

I’m hosting Easter this year for both of our families, so I’ve been preparing all week.

Yesterday I decided to deep clean the entire house. I don’t know what came over me [I did drink a Spark] but I couldn’t stop.

I repainted my kitchen cabinets. Scrubbed both bathrooms. Vacuumed the whole downstairs. Washed, folded & put away all the laundry. Dusted. Swept and mopped the whole upstairs. Did dishes upon dishes all day long. You name it, it got done.

I even cleaned the baseboards. Madness I tell ya!!

So here’s the deal.. I got a new cleaner from a friend that I was totally blown away by. [For the record, I do not sell this product line. I only purchase from time to time for my own personal use. If you want to purchase, I’ll give you my gal’s info.]


So I started in the kitchen and was shocked when this product took off the gunk on my stove top. My stove top is part of my counter top and is white of all colors. I’ve only found one other product that would remove the dark stains.

Then I went to the shower and was blown away again. My shower looks new! The faucet is shiny and new looking and all grossness from hard water is gone. IMPRESSED.

And then the thing that sold me was this: I went to clean baseboards in the living room. The trim and baseboards are all white of course. The big window’s trim work has always had one spot that I could never get clean. It was that way when we moved in. I thought I would have to repaint.

Until yesterday. I used the Thieves cleanser and a sponge and boom, gone! I am sold. I will never use another cleaner again.

A few other reasons I love this product:

I didn’t have to worry about breathing in nasty fumes or bleaching my clothing.

My hands weren’t dried out and gross after using.

The container will last me forever since it’s so concentrated. Totally worth the money.

Like I said, I don’t sell this product, just giving my honest opinion. I highly recommend switching to the Thieves cleaner.

Now that my house is like way clean, I don’t want anyone to touch a thing. Ha!!

Like that’s going to happen with two kids and a husband.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend friends!!





  1. I love thieves household cleaner! I use it in my grooming room. Definitely the best cleaner you can buy. I’m a huge young Living EO’s user. I use it because it is safe!! Have a blessed Easter!

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