Friday the 13th

Happy, happy Friday friends!

If you live in the Midwest, you know we are being punished this weekend with more snow. [Crossing my fingers it doesn’t blizzard like they are calling for.]

So going to bed last night, I made sure I prayed that I would wake up in a good mood. Even when I saw the cloudy sky and knowing it was going to be Friday the 13th. You just can’t chance it on that day.

I’m actually pretty darn chipper this morning! Despite the fact that I’m drowning in laundry piles, it’s going to be a good day gosh darn it.

A few weeks ago, while scrolling through Instagram, I found an all natural skincare company that caught my eye. InstaNatural.

You all know I’m a sucker for skincare. I’ll try anything.


The packaging was fresh and clean. The prices were super. The way they had their products categorized intrigued me. “Acne Prone and Aging” yes please!

I really thought by this age, my skin would stop being dramatic. Nope. I don’t break out too often, but my skin is still so oily it’s annoying.

You guys, I am in love with this brand. I have never found anything that could get rid of the oil like this. I noticed a change in my skin within the first week.

The eye cream actually gets rid of my dark circles. That’s always been a struggle. I can tell that it’s lifting, forming and working miracles.

The skin clearing serum is seriously a miracle in a bottle. I’ve been using a small amount day and night. My skin has never felt so smooth.

None of these products have a strong smell, which is a bonus. And knowing they are made from natural ingredients makes my heart happy.

They have so many products, for all skin types and concerns. If you’re looking to try something new, try this. When I was ordering, they were throwing in the eye cream for free. So check out their site for new deals.

I need to get back to my mountains of laundry and find some more caffeine, but I hope you all have a great Friday the 13th.

Don’t let the hype of the day get in the way too much. God is watching over you and if anything crazy does happen, just know he did it for a reason.



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