Monday morning.

Drinking coffee, watching Gilmore Girls and thanking the good Lord above for the beautiful sunrise.

Warm weather is finally here to stay. We have turned the heat off and kept the windows open all weekend.

Fresh air changes everything.

Kiddos play hard and sleep hard.

One of my favorite things about this life is breathing cool, fresh air while snuggling in my warm bed. Gah. It makes my heart skip a beat.

We played outside all weekend long. Picnic lunches, bubbles and swinging galore.

My husband bought kites yesterday. We took the neighbor kid with us to an empty lot and let them run around. Rae had never flown a kite.


Watching her run around in an open space, wind blowing in her hair and giggling the whole time filled my heart.

I got to run around freely as a kid. I grew up in the country that had endless possibilities. I remember using my imagination and being out in the wide open spaces for hours.

Watching your own child frolick like that- just being a kid and having no worries at all-  is such a blessing. I can’t even put into words how I felt.

I want my kiddos to always have that free feeling. To run around and be silly. But to also know that we can’t take that for granted.


My husband and I chose to sponsor a child through the Compassion program. We sat down last night and write our first letter to him as a family. Rae drew a picture and we stuck a family photo in there as well.

We have prayed for our sponsored child every night and talked about him often with our girls.

It’s hard to explain what his living conditions are like compared to ours. It breaks my heart. We want our girls to know how blessed we are to live in this country. That we have a home without dirt floors. Food on the table. The ability to run free and enjoy the green grass and sunshine.

I pray you all enjoy your freedoms. Run around the great outdoors and be silly. Let the wind in your hair take you places.




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