As I was dropping Raelee off at school today, I got tears in my eyes. My little girl is done with preschool this week.

How on earth is that possible?

It’s so crazy to me that we get caught up in all the “firsts” and exciting moments and honestly wish time away to get to those.

I used to say “I can’t wait til she can..” and learned quickly to not do that so much.

Time seriously goes so fast and they aren’t so little any more.

This weekend also marks our one year anniversary of living in this house. That doesn’t seem possible either.


We survived all four seasons. Learned new skills. Spent lots of time painting, going to Menards, rearranging & decorating.

I feel very blessed to have such a laid back husband who, for the most part, let’s me do what I want as far as decorating and painting.

Before buying this house, my Pinterest boards were full of ideas that I had to have in a home.

I made a list and started checking things off room by room.

I still have many ideas and projects to tackle. But for only being here one year, the house has come a long ways.

We have made so many memories in this house so far. This house has become our home. A place that feels safe.

Having family here, meals around the kitchen table, kids running through the house and all the noise just makes me smile. My heart is so full.

There’s never a dull moment here. I love that the neighbor kids run around the neighborhood and we know the parents.

I look around and still don’t feel like this is real life. God has blessed us and I’m forever grateful for this place we call our home.

We don’t know God’s long term plans for us, but for now, we will make millions of memories in this house.


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