Sweet Summer Time

It’s like a million degrees outside today. Nebraska never fails to amaze me. I do thank the good Lord above for the most perfect weekend, full of sunshine.

The girls and I took a road trip to my sister’s house for the weekend.

A weekend full of relaxing, sunshine, good company, good food and memories in the making.

God blessed me with a sister and her pretty rad family. The girls and I had such a good time being with them.

We drove home this afternoon and all I could think about how at peace I felt. Normally on my way home, I’m anxious to get home, do laundry and get ready for the week.

But not today Satan!

It’s summer time! We have no reason to rush around and be anxious. No sir!

My sister did all my laundry from the weekend- thanks Kitty! The house is clean and everything is put away. Summer is the BEST!

After being outside in the million degree heat, I realized I should share what products I’m using to help my summer beauty routine be easy peasy.

My wardrobe consists of gym shorts, tank tops, flip flops, flowy skirts for work and of course my swimming suit. No fuss when it’s this hot.


As far as hair and skin, I’m letting my freckles come out to play and letting my waves be free.

The Hempz lotion is my newest favorite of the season. It has an SPF 30 AND self tanners. Yes please! My farmers tan is pretty ridiculous from wearing this lotion every day with shorts on. Opps! I do love that I’m protecting my skin and getting color. I even put it on my face.

Invisibobble hair ties are life savers. They are cute, come in tons of colors and don’t pull your hair. Messy bun, you have my heart.

Our new Wet Comb is the girls favorite. They can comb their own hair after bath time or pool with no problem. My wavy mane is even tamed with this comb.

Sexy Hair was thinking of my when they created their new Fresh Hair. It’s a light weight foam that leaves my waves/curls soft but tamed. It doesn’t leave a sticky mess like mousse. Totally recommend for summer.

I recently started using Pharmagel skincare products. I’ve completely fallen  in love with how gentle their products are. No crazy smells. I haven’t broken out at all since trying this. Their toner though is a life saver. Spray this on a sunburn and it’s gone the next day. [I may have fried yesterday and tested this on myself, it worked great. No itchy skin or painful sunburn feeling.]

Last but most importantly , Rehydrate from Advocare. Friends, this is what everyone needs for the heat. This only has 6 grams of sugar compared to other brands with 21 grams. Electrolytes, potassium and tons of vitamins. So refreshing in the summer. [Holler at your girl if you want to try some!]

This is just a few of the products I’ve used so far this season. I’m sure I’ll have many more to share!

Peace, love & happiness.

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