Free Bird

For the last few weeks, I’ve felt a sense of peace in my mind, heart & soul.

It’s hard to explain. But it’s so much better than being anxious.


The sunshine, green grass and blue skies play a huge role in this feeling.

Maybe it’s because we don’t have to go anywhere or feel rushed to be out the door for something.

I feel like a free bird.

Being a stay at home mom [and babysitter to our nephew] is the best thing ever. Especially in the summer.

I was laying out in our back yard yesterday afternoon, reading my book and realized how blue the sky really is.

Remember laying in the yard as a kid, watching the clouds do by and noticing what shapes they were? Why on earth do we- as adults- not do this more often?!

It’s so peaceful in the sky!!

Or reading in the shade of a big tree. What happened to that? Am I the only one that has separated myself so far from the small, yet beautiful things in this world?

I apparently need to stay in touch with my inner child more and allow myself to feel this peacefulness.

Friends. There is so much beauty in this world that will make any heart happy.

Being an adult is a wild ride. Letting go, finding new, and returning to the little joys in life is an adventure.

I really do feel like I was meant to live near a beach or on a lake. To be able to wander in the woods, like I did as a kid. I felt so free growing up in the country, being able to wander and explore God’s creation.

Take me back that feeling.

This sunmer, I’m devoting to feeling free for as long as I can. To enjoy fresh air, green grass, blue skies, no makeup, dirty hair and freckles.

Thank you Jesus for this feeling of freedom. I pray you all find your inner child and sense of adventure as well. It’s so much more peaceful.


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