Less Worry, More Faith


Some days I wake up and know the purpose God has planned for my life. Other days, I have no clue.

I can feel it in my heart to speak truth and life to others. To be motivating and inspiring. To use my life experiences to show others they are not alone.

And then, there are days I’m not sure I’m doing the right thing. Or maybe I should be doing more.

Same with motherhood. There are good days and bad. Days I feel like I’m totally killin it, doing fun mom things. Not having to lose my cool much. And then there are days like today that I feel like I’m failing.

My five year old is so independent, sassy and full of spunk. Her attitude and stubbornness [she gets that from me] got her nose a date with the kitchen wall.

My two year old is well, two. She’s just like her older sister and wants to do everything like a big girl. Snack time ended with another time out for smearing her banana all over the couch.


I am currently counting the minutes [30] til their dad gets home from work so I can feel like I’m breathing again.

Days like today make me stronger.. right? I’m learning to embrace the craziness and have faith that I’m doing the best I can to raise these kids.

God doesn’t give us situations, challenges, storms and walk away. He’s there to guide us. I find myself talking to him way more often these days. I literally pray for patience EVERY dang day. I have to.

So, although I may not fully understand my given purpose every day or know what I’m doing as a parent all the time, I know I’m trying. And I know to keep going and pushing forward.

You should too.

Stay stronng, keep your faith and for heaven sakes, know you’re not alone. This life we are living is full of challenges. But know that you are not doing it alone.

Moms Unite! Stick together. And pray to the big guy upstairs for patience. It helps.




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