Wide Open Spaces


Hello, Monday.

Today, I almost feel like I’m coming down from floating on a cloud. The weekend was so peaceful and relaxing.

I posted this photo on Facebook and Instagram yesterday, but it’s still calling to me today.

The sky was so incredibly blue yesterday with the biggest, fluffiest clouds. Clouds that reminded me of Toy Story.. (yes, I’m a mom.)

Even though today is Monday, and there’s a list 5 miles long of things I need to accomplish, I still feel so at peace.

For someone who suffers from anxiety, this feeling is something I want to hold on to forever. I honestly wish I could feel this way every day. To feel so calm and in control of my emotions.

This feeling makes me want to take an adventure and just be in the middle of nowhere with beautiful surroundings.

I’m craving mountains or water of some sort. A place that you can see for miles and miles and just feel God’s presence.

Who wants to take a road trip?!

Being out in the open makes me remember my childhood. Growing up in the middle of corn fields and blue skies was the best. My sister and I used to roam for hours and only come home to eat.

Our imaginations were always being used. Sure, we fought from time to time, but I cherish our adventures.

Although it’s nice to be in town, close to everything, I’m dreaming of a house on a hill with land to roam. Zeus would love to run free and so would my tribe.

I totally want a front porch that I can drink coffee on in the morning and watch the sun set at night.

You guys, I need an adventure bad! I also need to get my husband on board to make this dream a reality.

In the mean time, I’ll be over here dreaming of an adventure, soaking up the sun.




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