Let Go & Let God


For some reason, I’ve let the enemy in my head and have believed the words he’s telling me.

That I’m worthless. Useful. Bad mom. Bad wife. My business is failing. “All because you let me in your head and now I’m winning and watching you fail.”

I literally have felt a sense of emptiness for days. I’ve tried telling myself positive words. I’ve tried working out. Reading.

I’ve prayed. But not enough. And not with open arms. I told my husband that I feel like I’ve lost control of the world around me. I feel so lost. I’ve let the devil win.

Even looking in the mirror, I feel like I’m looking at someone else. How crazy does that sound? I don’t like the person I see. It’s like something else is in there making me dislike who I am. I can not go on like this!

Come on, Kari! Pull yourself together. Open your heart and arms to the father that will never let you down.

When I feel anxious and not in control, I shouldn’t be worried that I’m not in control. Jesus is in control of the entire situation. That’s what matters.

My faith is far bigger than letting the pesky devil in. In Jesus name, we are all better than that. Our faith is greater than that.

When this photo popped up on Pinterest, I  knew it was meant for my eyes. That’s how He works. He puts signs in our path so they almost jump out and bite you.

Sometimes you just have to let go & let God.

After getting all this off my chest, I hope it helps someone else. I know as moms, wives, women in general, we feel crazy from time to time. We think we have to take care of everyone else and their emotions and ignore our own.


I know that when I feel like I’m losing my cool, it affects the entire household and then I feel incredibly guilty.

Take care of yourself too. Figure out how you can manage your emotions. Talk to the big guy. Find a hobby that calms your nerves. Let God show you a way.




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