Changes in the Weather & My Soul


The seasons are changing.. like it or not. You can smell the change in the breeze. My tan is fading and my freckles are disappearing for the year.

As much as I’m already missing summer {{call me Olaf}}.. it’s nice to wear a sweater with shorts and to have the windows open for a change.

Living in Nebraska, who knows what tomorrow will bring. But for today, I’ll pretend that it’s fall-ish.

While spending the day with my mom and sister over the weekend, I broke down and bought a pumpkin candle. That’s my first “I’m ready for fall” act. The clothes and colors of fall were all over, but I’m just not ready to jump on board yet. I’m honestly having a hard time letting go of summer this year.. can you tell?!

Good thing I have one more go with my bathing suit and sunshine next month. We will be on the beach in Florida while the weather changes here.

Maybe by then I’ll be ready for long pants and crisp mornings. {{bring back summer..}}

The change of the seasons mean changes all around though. New schedules with dance and school. New bed times [thank heavens].. the time change will be here before we know it too.

And more importantly, the changes being made in my soul. I had a moment yesterday in church with Jesus. Something I’ve never felt before. Something major is changing inside of me. Maybe it’s just that I’m finally able to fully trust in His plan. Maybe it’s my faith growing to a whole new level.

I can’t explain it. But it’s good. He’s going to use me to do big things. To be able to touch someone else’s heart and make a difference in their life- that’s my purpose.

I’m excited to see what the next few months bring. Cheers to another Monday morning. Another new week. Let your faith be bigger than your fears and your smile spread kindness like confetti.



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  1. Thanks for sharing! Have to agree with you I’m not ready for summer to end. Fall is going k but I am definitely not a winter fan. Have a blessed week.

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