Crisp Air & Pink Skies


The crisp air has sorta stollen my heart this morning. Maybe the change of seasons isn’t terrible…

We went as a family to the Nebraska State Fair last night and had a really good time. I only go for the food (but for real..) and of course ate way too much.

The kids had fun riding a few rides and seeing the animals. It was nice and cool last night, not a million degrees like it has been in the past for the fair. The sky was bright pink as we were leaving last night and all I could do was thank God for my family and all our blessings.

I’ve lived here for eight-ish years. And last night I realized how many friends I do have in this place. We ran into so many people last night and I couldn’t help but smile.

It took me a long time to have “friends” here. I never really felt like I could be my true self here.

I always had friends to do things with in Lincoln, but when I moved here, things were different. Having Raelee and Mia turned into my priority. Those two are my dinner dates, shopping buddies, let’s get coffee kind of girls.

Maybe part of me not feeling like I could truly be myself here is because it took years to get there period. It took until my thirties to understand who I want to be, the kind of people I want to hang with and the right timing. God does some amazing work under the surface. Sometimes it takes years for it to bloom on the outside.

It’s nice to know though, that at the end of the day, I have built relationships here. With such wonderful people from all walks of life. People that have changed my life forever. Friends I can cry with. Laugh with. Live life with.

The change of seasons is doing work on my heart. I feel like I’m getting softer, more easy going. Stressing a little less and enjoying the little things. I can’t control every minute of the day, so why not just YOLO?!

{{side note: I am burning a fall candle, so I guess you can say I’ve given in completely to fall.}}

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