Is Balance Really a Thing?


Every day the word balance is a concern in my pretty little head. And I’m starting to wonder if it’s even a real thing.

Being a mom, wife, entrepreneur, blogger, maid, cook and taxi driver twenty four seven takes a lot of dang energy. I honestly don’t know how I survive some days. Oh wait, I drink a lot of caffeine and just don’t sit down.

Delegating time and energy is something I need to learn, like yesterday. Of course there are days that I feel like I’m totally killin it. The dishes are done, floors swept, kids are happy and fed, worked on my business and didn’t fall asleep while watching t.v. with my husband. It’s rare, but sometimes I go to bed proud of myself and what I accomplished that day.

And then there are days where I feel like a complete failure. The house is a mess, the kids are fighting, my husband gets no attention, my to-do list drank my caffeine instead of me and I’m exhausted.

It’s to be expected taking on all these roles. To feel overwhelmed. To feel like you’re losing all control. This is where my anxiety sneaks in and has a party. I let these negative feelings set in, camp out and ruin an entire day two.

Trying to find balance is madness. It’s a matter of control. Girl, you can’t control everything. You’re kids are going to be kids. The laundry can wait. Who cares if you didn’t sweep the floors today, there’s always tomorrow.

Rachel Hollis wrote about this in her book “Girl Wash Your Face.” As long as your kids are breathing, you’re doing great. As long as you’re taking care of yourself, you’re doing great.  And she’s so gosh darn right!

Why make yourself crazy trying to get everything done, when in all reality, that list can wait. Organize your week so that you aren’t overwhelmed. I am the biggest planner nerd. I love a good planner like a fat kid loves cake. Organizing my day by the hour works best for my life and business. Find what works best for you and make magic happen.

You also have to, I repeat HAVE TO, take time for self care. Do something that brings you joy for at least half an hour. Go to the gym. Read a book. Get your nails done. Hide in the closet and eat chocolate. Whatever makes you happy, do it! You basically need to give yourself a time out to take a breather. I always feel better when I get to sneak out for a bit. It’s a refresher that keeps me sane-ish.

I’m really working on this control thing the last few months of this year so that I can go into the new year with a new prospective. Maybe next year I’ll be able to give up control, not feel so overwhelmed and can enjoy each day like it’s meant to be enjoyed.

Wouldn’t it be such a great feeling to be at peace at the end of the day? Not guilty.

Sisters, we can feel that peacefulness. Make it a priority to make changes throughout your day so that you can go to bed happy. Life will just be better this way.



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