DIY Cut Jeans

I got this wild hair this morning to revamp my favorite pair of jeans to be EVEN better. I’m 5’4″ -short- and have a hard time finding jeans that fit the exact way I want them. Most of my jeans are cuffed at the bottom, which is great most days. But from time to time I wish I had a pair of jeans that hit my ankle just perfect, without having to cuff.


Now that I work at A-List Boutique here in town, I’m able to use the part of my brain that does have a fashion sense. Remember back when I was a full time hair stylist and actually liked to dress up, do my hair and makeup? Yeah.. that was a long time ago and many pairs of yoga pants ago. But, the fashionista has come back to life. I’m totally diggin it. I am however going to have a hard time not spending every paycheck on the amazing clothes at the boutique. Self control, I hope you are in there somewhere.

This pair of jeans that I cut myself is a pair I’ve had for close to 4 years. They are my favs and I can’t see them going to the dumpster anytime soon. I usually have to cuff the bottoms like twice. Bless. I’m so short.


I had a permanent line where I would roll them, so that’s where I cut. You can do whatever length you want. If you just wanted to cut the hemming off, cool. Whatever makes your heart happy.


I’m sure I should have used actual fabric scissors, but they were no where to be found. Whatev’s. These did just fine. Plus, the more fray, the better. Right? I had looked up how to do this on Pinterest and found a random post that said to use a knife to make them more frayed. I just pulled some of the strings and thought the washer could do the rest over time.


This length will be great for booties. I can still cuff some, but don’t have to everyday to make them hit my ankles. Sometimes my ideas look better in my head, others are a total win. Today, I’m winning.

Happy Sunday and happy cutting!

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