I Got You

I posted the other day how my world has been a complete tornado lately. So many activities, to do lists and reminders in my brain that I’m pretty positive my head is going to explode.
I’ve been giving everything my all and using all my energy to make sure everything gets done correctly. But for some reason I still feel like I’m failing.
The other night I hung out with the youth group- really because the more Jesus I can get, the better. During worship, the tears just fell. I couldn’t control it. I was just letting Him surround me and tried to listen for his voice. In the middle of one of the songs I heard Him say “I got you.” Needless to say the tears fell harder.
In the middle of this tornado I call my life, He’s standing in the middle with me. He’s there to guide me, support me. I may feel like I’m completely failing at everything I’m doing, but He told me it’s all going to pay off in the end.

All this hard work, no sleep and planning will pay off.

Yesterday He showed me that not all prayers are answered right away, but they will be answered.
He gave me a vision in July for a place for kids to hang out, feel safe and learn about the Lord.
I’ve been doing all this research & planning for months. The church I attend and their board loved my idea and let me run with it. Yesterday was our first day being open. It’s going to be a process of growth, finding what works and making changes.
I’m so blessed to say that I can take my love of Jesus and spread it to the youth in our community. Who knew this was part of God’s plan for me?! I never would have guessed.

Sometimes His plan isn’t a quick “here it is Kari- the answer to your prayer.” Sometimes it’s a waiting game. Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom. Other times you just need to believe that even the craziest ideas are His plan for you.
I may feel overwhelmed and like I’m failing lately but you know what? I feel so incredibly blessed for the job I have, the girls I work with, my family & friends, GROW has become a real thing and for the love of Jesus.
No matter what, be thankful. If you’re not thankful, you’re just miserable. Don’t allow yourself to be in that dark hole.
Bless you all!

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