Another Ending

With the year coming to an end in just a few short weeks, I’ve been pondering what I want the new year to look like. And all I can think is:

What the heck even happened this year?!

It’s been a whirlwind!

What started out to be a rocky year ended up being filled with so many lessons, blessings and all the in between.

I went from being a stay at home mom to this crazy, on the go, I have 15 jobs kind of mom. I not only got a job at a super rad boutique, I started a program at our church for the youth in our community. Like hello? How much time did I think I had in my day?

Every day is complete chaos and I’m learning to embrace it all. Some days require way more caffeine than others. Are you really a mom if you don’t live on caffeine?!

I’ve learned so many lessons this year that I feel like I should actually write a book.. but who has time for that?

My circle of friends has changed in the last year. True colors were shown this year from some that I thought would forever be in my life. Sometimes the hurt stings, but eventually life goes on and it’s easier to see why God did what he did when he took those people out of the equation. Some seriously beautiful gals were added to my life and I have no one else to thank but God. My precious gems will forever be held near and dear.

I’ve always known my husband was a rock star, but in the last year I think our relationship has grown. That too is because of God and the individual relationships we have built with Him. We have taken our faith separately and together to new levels that I am so thankful for. He has been my rock for years, but this year he has inspired me to keep going even harder. He always believes in me and my dreams. I am so thankful for a partner in crime like him.

photo by Emily Sheldon

outfit from A-List Boutique

I’ve learned to have more confidence. To love myself for who I am. Let the love of Jesus shine through wherever I am.

Faith has been a big chunk of the lessons learned this year. I believe everything falls back on faith. If you don’t have any, you have nothing. There have been many times in the last year that I (we) could have given up, let our finances fall completely apart, but faith has always gotten us through.

That being said, one of my main goals for 2020 is to have control over our finances instead of it having control of us. This will be the year that money is saved, not spent. Debt will be paid off and we will not have to stress as much. My friend Megan has inspired me to take this on and be positive about it. I’m pretty excited for the new year to start to see what we can accomplish.

I’m going to keep trying to simplify my life. I started eliminating the clutter this year and will continue to live more of a minimalist lifestyle. (Tina, I’m going to need to learn from you.) Physical stuff no longer makes me happy like it did in my 20’s. Less is more. I can do this.

I’m sure over the next few weeks I’ll keep pondering what this year has brought and what I want the new year to look like. For now, I’m going to embrace all the chaos and enjoy this thing I call my life.


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