The Unknown.

It’s day like 435 of being quarantined.

Okay, it’s only week two but man it feels like it’s been a whole month at least.

Thankfully the sun decided to make an appearance today which changed everything inside my little head.

We were able to get outside and breathe some fresh air. And while I was swinging with Mia I had this sense of calm wash over me.

This whole situation has shaken our worlds completely. None of us saw this coming. None of us were prepared to be on lock down for who knows how long.

Some of us are out of jobs. Maybe it’s because we have to take care of kids or maybe got laid off. Small businesses are holding on to dear life. It’s a crazy time.

This all sounds terrible.. I promise I had a good thought here.

With all the negative thoughts or situations, there are good.

I believe 100% that God is in control of this situation. I know He’s wanting to see his children have more faith than ever before. He wants us to be the light in this darkness.

I also believe that this was a wake up call.

Our lives are so chaotic it’s ridiculous. Just two weeks ago I was so frantic about making sure all four of my jobs were being done on top of being a mom, taxi driver, cook, Betty home maker. Let me tell you- I was spiraling out of control quickly.

And then bam.

I’m a stay at home mom -occasionally doing some hair to have a little income flowing in. I’m now helping my oldest do her E Learning while juggling a four year old as well.

My hair and makeup haven’t been done in two weeks. My wardrobe consists only of sweat pants and over sized crew neck sweaters.

This is our new normal. This is reality. This my friends is God saying we need to not take things for granted. We need to enjoy our families. Money isn’t everything. Greed is not good. We need to be helping each other in this time. Spreading His love and kindness.

I may have a different view tomorrow, because let’s be honest, this is an emotional rollercoaster. But today, I am happy with where I am. I’m happy with my surroundings. I’m happy that I’m a live, healthy and can continue to be the mom my daughters need.

No one knows how long this will last or what the future holds. But I encourage you to find the good in the bad. Be kind to others. Spread love – without touching. Ha!

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