There’s Still a Chance for 2020

The sun is shining, fresh air is coming through the windows and coffee is now in my system.

So far, it’s a good day.

I was writing in my journal this morning like I do everyday and I had a thought.

For the last three weeks it has seemed that everything has been put on hold. There are so many unknowns with just about every aspect of life right now.

We don’t know when hair stylists can go back to work (that’s me) and Lord knows so many are going to need color and cuts very soon.

We don’t know if all summer activities will be canceled or resume as usual.

Some don’t know the next time they will be paid or are worried about unemployment.

We don’t know when any of this will end.

It’s a scary time for so many.

BUT after my bible study last night I was once again reassured that God has this under control and there’s no reason to quit your dreams.

If anything, dreaming bigger will get us through this weird time.

Don’t let this virus kill your dreams. Take this time of slow and use it to your advantage.

Right now, we are all realizing what’s important in this life. Now is the time to clean out the gunk. Declutter your house and your mind. Get rid of the things/people that are holding you back from your goals.

When this storm is all over, you don’t want to be in the exact same place. Don’t you want to me closer to your dreams? Don’t you want to come out of all this stronger? Sitting still and waiting for all this to end won’t get you there.

I challenge you to make a dream board or write your goals down. Write out all the details and look at them every day. Do something today that takes you closer to reaching those dreams.

Start your website.

Purchase the starter kit.

Whatever that first step is- take it and don’t look back.

This storm will be over before we know it and I know for a fact the other side is going to be so much brighter.

YOU’RE going to shine brighter after all this.

I would love to hear about your goals & dreams. Share them on social media and tag me. Let’s take this opportunity and run with it.


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