Takin a Stab at it Again

It’s been a hot minute since I took the time to put my thoughts into words. Honestly, I didn’t think I would ever blog again.

It takes time. Time that I usually don’t have.

I started a podcast that also takes time that I don’t normally have with three kids.

Today though, I have this urge to put my thoughts back out there for the world to read. Maybe it’s because this blog thing was my way of venting years ago. I need that again. A space to spill my thoughts and maybe help someone else feel better about life along the way.

It feels like so much has happened since I last blogged..: yet at the same time, not much has changed.

The girls went to a different school district this year, loved every moment and did super awesome.

Gemmie is almost 18 months old and rules the roost, but seriously. The terrible two’s have begun already. She’s full of sass and love all at the same time. She makes us all laugh on a daily basis.

Isaac and I are about to celebrate 7 years of marriage. Seven years of putting up with me and my rollercoaster of emotions. Bless his soul.

I’m working at a super rad salon here in town. Literally the happiest I’ve ever been at a salon. So incredibly thankful that it fell into my lap and that all my clients have followed, to get another destination. I truly am so blessed with the best clients.

The girls are growing so fast. When people say don’t blink, it’s a real statement.

The other day I was picking up dinner after a super long weekend of softball. Isaac had taken the girls to the park to keep occupied while I got dinner. I checked Facebook while waiting to see that Isaac had posted pictures of the three girls.

I immediately started crying.

I know, get it together KARI.

But seriously, when did they grow up? When did my oldest start sharing shoes with me and having actual conversations like an adult?

I feel like they are changing every day, right before my eyes.

And then I start to panic.

Am I teaching them all the right things?

Do they see me as a good person?

Parenthood is a wild ride.

Anyways, this is just an intro back into my world. I will most definitely be taking the time to speak my mind more often. Now that summer is here, I’m making myself slow down and smell the roses. Cheers to that.

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