I’m known for being a busy bee.

I don’t like to sit still for long, because then my mind wanders in the wrong direction and I allow anxiety to over come.

Being busy is overwhelming some days, but if I have all my ducks in a row, I can conquer the day no problem.

That being said, I overwhelm myself sometimes and forget to take the time to check in with my friends.

I’m not a great friend.

I literally love my people with all I have, would jump through fire or go to battle for them.

But I am the worst at keeping dates or even scheduling time to be with them.

And for this, I feel like such a failure.

I let the craziness overcome even though I’m desperate for adult interaction.

We are supposed to have a tribe of people that we can lean on. And I want that. I have that. I’m just failing to hold up my end of the boat.

Lately I feel that I need to reevaluate my priorities. There’s only so much time in each day, but what is actually important?

I know the good Lord will help me with this. He will show me where I can simplify.

I want to be a better friend.

Life is so short. Thankfully every day is a new one to learn from.

To my friends, I’m really trying. I love you and pray for you. But I want to be there for you more than I have been.

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